Preparing for Matchmaker Meetings

Matchmaker meetings are the opportunity to sit down face-to-face with a company or agencies representative and pitch your company. Meetings times can vary depending on the format of the event. Typically plan to spend 3  to 10 minutes introducing yourself and your compare. Here are some key points to remember:

Be prepared. Follow instructions & respect the format of the event. Be on time.

Be prepared. Respect the organization’s process. Fill out  the online databases. (Hint: Search the company’s website for suppliers/ how to do business.)

Be prepared. Reach out to other WBEs who have contracts with the company. (Track awards, articles, and success stories.)

Be prepared. Find out who in the company buys your products & services. (Who is your ideal buyer?)

Be prepared. Practice your elevator speech. Be confident. Differentiate your self. (Smile.)

Be prepared. Provide a capabilities statement as a leave behind. Confirm next steps. Start to build a relationship. (When will I see you again?)

Resources for matchmaker prep:

1. August 2011 Astra Matchmaker Prep Webinar – Slidedeck

2. 2011 WBENC Conference Preparation Series