Astra is an Affiliate of the Kauffman Foundation’s FastTrac Programs

Your business has reached a critical juncture in its life. You had the idea. You successfully launched. You’ve looked at where you are & now it’s time for growth. But how?

Astra Women’s Business Alliance (Astra) is an affiliate of the Kauffman Foundation FastTrac Programs. Since 2009, Astra has been providing its entrepreneurs with continuing education developed by the Kauffman Foundation.  Astra is pleased to regularly provide entrepreneurs in its region:

  • Listening to your Business – 4- hour workshop with exercises that help you identify where your business is in its life cycle; where you want it to be; and  what you need to do to get there.  + 3 step action plan to achieve this.
  • GrowthVenture– 5-day comprehensive program complete with coaches and subject matter experts geared to help you implement your new tools once you leave the classroom. Set up as a “Bootcamp” this is a great opportunity to further your business network & partnerships by working with other business owners in a non-threatening environment.

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