Meet the Leadership Forum

The Leadership Forum represents a partnership and a powerful link between Astra and WBENC, the national organization for women that provides certification. Olsa Martini and Sandra James Co-Chair Astra’s  Forum as well as representing Astra at WBENC’s Women’s Enterprise Leadership Forum as Chair & and Vice Chair. Led by successful women business owners representing, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Northern California and Washington – the Leadership Forum serves as the voice of our region, communicating with WBENC to let them know our members’ needs and challenges so they can be addressed through future national events and programs. The Leadership Forum also connects women-owned businesses with each other so that they can network, share ideas and offer solutions. This includes hosting regular gatherings featuring guest speakers and lots of time for member mingling. Joining your State’s Leadership Forum is easy & provides you with an opportunity to get involved. Want to learn more? Just reach out to a Forum Leader in your state and introduce yourself today.

(Pictured above from Left to Right: Co-Chairs: Olsa Martini & Sandra James; From Alaska, Cary Foster & Gail Morrison; from Idaho, Janell McGill;  Montana, Anna Kazmierowski and Denna Korting; from Northern California,  Sandy Hunter; from Oregon, Nancy Gudekunst; from Washington Julia Winnicki, Sandy Winston & Kristina Roth.)


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